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Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.

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Abtrac is used extensively by

  • Architects, interior designers and architectural designers
  • Accountants and bookkeepers
  • Consultants
  • Cost estimators (quantity surveyors)
  • Engineers of all professional disciplines
  • Land surveyors
  • Planners
  • Project managers

and many other professional services firms.

Abtrac eliminates errors and inefficiencies that cost you time and money. It's simple, the more you know about each of your projects, the better you can manage them.

Abtrac tracks clients, sub-consultants, projects, stages, fee estimates, employees, timesheets, disbursements, and everything else from the initial enquiry through to the final invoice.

  • Quickly review actual vrs budget by project to help you better manage this one and the next one
  • Reduce write offs, correctly bill for variations, and make staff more aware of the value of their time
  • Reduce endless paperwork and throw away your confusing and complicated spreadsheets
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies and pressure at month end with all your data in one place

It's the quality of information Abtrac delivers that sets us apart - streamlined and industry specific reports. More just a software company we speak your language and understand your business. And our support and follow up is second to none.

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