Save time, reduce paperwork and increase productivity.

Onboard new employees, create rosters, approve timesheets, share payslips, and sync all the information directly to your MYOB software.

Save time and simplify how you manage employees with MYOB Team.


Easily onboard new employees

Cut down on paperwork for new starters. Help them securely send their personal pay, tax and super information to your software via the MYOB Team app. Employee onboarding can be used for all employee types.


Simplify payroll compliance

Digital onboarding with MYOB Team, can reduce and digitize the paperwork required with payroll compliance such as the Your Future, Your Super reforms.

Visit the ATO site

Manage staff leave

Employees can easily apply for leave directly from the MYOB Team app, and track their leave status.


Securely share payslips and rosters

Easily select who can see employee payslips and rosters, with the MYOB Team app.

Timesheets and rostering features are not available to MYOB Business Payroll Only or Essentials Payroll Only.

Employees can use the app:


From their mobile phone

Employees can onboard, log hours and access rosters and payslips on their own phone.


From an on-site tablet kiosk

You can set up a tablet kiosk for employees to easily clock on and clock off from the premises.

Timesheet and rosters software: A desktop view of a roster and a mobile phone with a start shift button.

Connect the MYOB Team app to your MYOB software in just a few minutes.


Sync all your employee data to payroll


Automate your manual employee admin


Stay compliant with employment regulations


Available on both iOS and Android devices

Your Future, Your Super

From 1 November 2021, Your Future, Your Super legislation will impact Australian employers. 

To find out more about these changes, check out these resources from the ATO below.

Download the MYOB Team app for free on both Apple or Android devices

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