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Soul Origin

Soul Origin connects their software to accelerate future growth


Soul Origin is Australia’s fastest growing fresh food franchise. The business has grown from 2 stores in 2013 to 79 stores in 2017. This unprecedented growth put a huge strain on the financial management of Soul Origin’s franchise network. As the franchisor, the business wanted more insight into the performance of their business and significantly streamline their processes to handle their growth. Moving to integrate MYOB Advanced with MYOB AccountRight gave them a whole of business solution to usher in a bold new future for Soul Origin.



External database hard to use

Soul Origin’s rapid growth created a typical business problem: its legacy Xero software simply couldn’t handle the pace anymore.

“We actually broke the accounting package we were using,” says CEO, Chris Mavris. “The solution was to find the software package that could help us grow and develop, we needed an enterprise solution to give us the reporting we required, but also meet the needs of the high level of invoicing that we are generating as a business.”

Soul Origin has a significant number of franchisees who run multiple business units. It wanted to give them access to bookkeeping and payroll software that would simplify their accounting yet not limit their features – MYOB’s AccountRight solution suited their needs perfectly.

"We actually broke the accounting package we were using"

Everyone together in the cloud

A cloud-based solution was deemed to be essential for ease of access by franchisees across the country. MYOB Advanced and MYOB AccountRight were deemed ideal for this purpose.

An implementation of MYOB Advanced at the head office and MYOB AccountRight in each franchise connected their systems to provide Soul Origin a single cohesive view of their business.

“These solutions create unique integration opportunities for franchises, which helps franchisors offer support to franchisees and increases visibility across the business,” says MYOB’s Head of Partnerships, Simon Dennis. “Ultimately, this integration minimises risk factors across the entire business.”

"These solutions create unique integration opportunities for franchises"

The precious gift of time

With AccountRight providing all the back-end data that helps franchisees make better decisions, and Advanced giving Soul Origin’s head office live visibility of every franchise-holder’s performance, the retail outlets are freed up to focus more on delivering best-quality customer service.

One of our multi-unit franchisees who has five stores now came to me and said ‘Chris, thank you for giving us surety’ because she had a system and a chart of accounts that really reflected what her business looked like.

“She also thanked me for giving her time back to spend with her family and also for giving her more time to spend on her business, growing sales and growing connectivity with her customers,” Chris concludes.

"“Time to spend with family, to spend on business, growing sales and growing connectivity with customers"


  • Xero couldn’t handle large volume of invoices
  • Didn’t have access to sophisticated intelligent reporting
  • Franchisees were spending too much time on paperwork


  • Advanced and AccountRight deliver seamless bookkeeping to franchises
  • Head office has live visibility of every branch’s performance, coupled with superior analytics
  • Franchisees have more time to focus on customers, and have gained precious family time

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