MYOB Advanced Payroll

Reduce errors and risk with streamlined payroll processing and workforce management.

A scalable and secure cloud payroll solution


MYOB Australia Enterprise Advanced People Software

Flexible payroll that helps manage compliance

Quickly set up, modify and report payroll on any browser. Plus, MYOB Advanced Payroll always uses the latest tax rates, so you can eliminate payroll complexity and enjoy peace of mind.

Employee empowerment

Bring HR, operations and payroll together

Save time and minimise errors with integrated onboarding, rostering, leave, timesheet management and payroll.

Product features

  • Stay up-to-date with tax obligations and new tax changes introduced by the ATO including STP and SuperStream
  • Easily track and manage staff information and provide employees with an online self-service
Employee work schedule
  • An all-in-one management tool to calculate finances, track labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed reports in real-time
  • Complete visibility and transparency with enhanced reporting functionality
  • Automated workflows ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time
  • Reduce errors and risk with streamlined payroll processing
Employee pay
  • Access payroll processing and workforce management via your browser with a fully featured and secure cloud solution.
  • Use MYOB Advanced Payroll as stand-alone payroll software – or combine it with MYOB Advanced Business (Cloud ERP) for a fully integrated business, people and payroll management solution.
  • Employees can access payslips, apply for leave and update their details from any device and the data will sync in real time.
Cloud workforce management
  • Onboard new employees quickly and seamlessly with automated workflows.
  • Quickly and easily build rosters with Smart Roster automation. Automatic updates help you manage compliance even with dynamic shift-based teams.
  • Track time and attendance via the MYOB Advanced Team app for accurate and up-to-date monitoring.
  • Manage timesheets digitally to improve the speed and accuracy of payroll information.
  • Employees manage their day-to-day admin via the MYOB Advanced Team app.
  • Add Workforce management to MYOB Advanced Payroll for an integrated payroll and people solution.
Workforce management

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